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What is the format of the exam?

The computerised Objective Tests consist of 60 questions per paper.  The exam time is 90 minutes. This equates to 90 seconds per question. However this is only a rough guide some questions may take longer than others. All learning areas of the syllabus will be covered in the 60 questions therefore it is important that you revise all topics for the exam.

The objective tests include of a variety of question formats such as:

In what order must the exams be taken?

You may take the Objective Test exams in any order for a specific level. The Case Study must be taken after you have passed all three exams at that level. You cannot proceed to the next level until you have passed the Case Study at the previous level.

Where can I sit the exam?

The CIMA Objective Tests can be sat on demand on a day of your choice at any time throughout the year, at a Pearson Vue Test Centre. You can find your nearest Pearson Vue test centre on the CIMA website.

How will the results be determined and communicated?

Students will be given a provisional result at the exam centre followed by a ratified result within 48 hours. They will receive both a pass/fail grade and a scaled score. The pass mark for the exam will be 70%.

What is the syllabus content for each exam?

Click in the boxes below for links to detailed syllabus descriptions and information about the examinations.

Sample Objective Test Questions


Objective tests for the CIMA 2015 syllabus



E3 Strategic Management

P3 Risk Management

F3 Financial Strategy

Making Strategic Decisions

Effective implementation of Strategy

A) Interacting with the organisations environment

B) Evaluating strategic position and options

C) Leading change

D) Implementing strategy

E) Information systems in organisational strategy

A) Identification, classification and evaluation of Risk

B) Responses to strategic risk

C) Internal controls to manage risk

D) Managing risks associated with cash flows

E) Managing risks associated with capital investment

A) Formulation of financial strategy

B) Financing and dividend decisions

C) Corporate finance



E2 Project and Relationship Management

P2 Advanced Management Accounting

F2 Advanced

Financial Reporting

Monitor strategic implementation

Make sure the correct action is taken

A) Introduction to strategic management and assessing the global environment

B) The human aspects of the organisation

C) Managing relationships

D) Managing change through projects

A) Cost planning and analysis for competitive advantage

B) Control and performance management of responsibility centres

C) Long-term decision making

D) Management control and risk

A) Sources of long-term finance

B) Financial reporting

C) Analysis of financial performance and position



E1 Organisational Management

P1 Management Accounting

F1 Financial Reporting and Taxation

Implement strategy

Report of strategy implementation

A)  Introduction to organisations

B) Managing the finance function

C) Managing technology  and information

D) Operations management

E) Marketing

F) Managing human resources

A) Cost accounting systems

B) Budgeting

C) Short-term decision making

D) Dealing with risk and uncertainty

A) Regulatory environment for financial reporting and corporate governance

B) Financial accounting and reporting

C) Management of working capital, cash and sources of short-term finance

D) Fundamentals of business taxation

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