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About the new CIMA 2017 Cert BA Syllabus

What are the key changes?

The major change to the Certificate syllabus is that the C01, C02, C03, C04, C05 exams has been replaced with a new exam format.

The new format requires you to complete four exams – BA1, BA2, BA3 and BA4. The diagram below illustrates how the two formats compare:



As you will see C03 has been discontinued and much of the content is distributed within BA1, BA2 and BA3.

What is the format of the new exam?

The new two hour Objective Test exams consist of 60 questions for BA1, BA2 and BA3, and 85 questions for BA4.

The exams will be made up of narrative and numerical questions with the exception of BA4 which will be all narrative.

For the new 2017 exams there will be some new question types including drag and drop, hot spot and item sets. Existing questions types such as multiple choice, multiple response and number entry are used.

How are the results determined and communicated?

Students will be given a provisional result at the exam centre followed by a ratified result within 48 hours. They will receive both a pass/fail grade and a scaled score.

What is the syllabus content for each exam?

Find out more details on the four exams and their content.

How does this fit into the CIMA syllabus as a whole?

The new format closely relates to the 2015 professional qualification syllabus as shown in the illustration below.

Each Certificate subject links in with the Professional Qualification pillars with the exception of BA4 which interlinks them all.

The Official CIMA 2017 Certificate in Business and Accounting Syllabus Document

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Certificate Syllabus Content | The Astranti Guide to the New CIMA Syllabus

CIMA Certificate 2017 Syllabus Content

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