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The CIMA case study exams for the 2015 syllabus

When can I sit the case study exam?

Case Study Exams are available 4 times a year (February, May, August and November). The computer based exams are sat at a Pearson Vue Study Centre.

The exams take place over several days of a specific week long period. Go to CIMA Timetable for more specific dates.

What will I be examined on?

The CIMA case study exams involve a range of tasks based around the syllabus from the Enterprise, Performance and Financial pillars. The aim is to challenge you to apply what you have learnt to a business environment through a range of practical business related tasks. This is a challenging assessment with a significant focus on exam technique and approach.

When is the pre-seen material released?

The pre-seen material is available 7 weeks prior to the case study exam.

The pre-seen material includes:

You will be required to understand the position of the company and have a good knowledge of the industry before the exam

What is the format of the unseen material?

You will be give the unseen section of the CIMA case study during the exam. This information includes:

Time is controlled for you throughout the assessment. The time per task is a maximum available, and once that time is over you can not continue with that task. Once a task is finished you move on and you cannot go back to that task later.

Time management is crucial to passing these case studies.

Will I be required to do calculations in the exam?

There are no calculations in the case study exam requirements, but you will be required to analyse and comment on financial information.

What is the exam pass mark?

You will receive a mark out of 150. A mark of 80 or above is a pass, however you will also need to achieve a ‘moderate or ‘good’ score for each competency.

What is the latest date I can book my exam?

You can book your place up to 3 weeks before in the Case Study Exam period. This gives you a lot of flexibility in terms of taking the exam when you feel you are ready!

Case Study Sample and Syllabus Information

We have prepared a sample Case Study so you can see what the case study will look like.

Please follow the below links for Case Study information and examples tailored more specifically to each level:

Take a look at our YouTube outlining the elements of the Case Study exam

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